REI: RENEW Energy Initiative

2013 PAWSOX NIGHT - June 1


  • The pre-game BBQ is now Saturday June 1 and will run from 5-6pm at McCoy ( in Pawtucket
  • The game is at 6:05pm.
  • Only folks with BBQ tickets can enter the ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ area.
  • FIREWORKS after the game with Syracuse and its Star Wars night
  • You need not bring anything to the game. (except for your wonderful self and friends).
  • Other surprises are possible so it should be a great time.
  • FREE PARKING for all tickets.

Tickets for the tent event are only $27 per person and this includes a general admission game ticket and the all you can eat BBQ.

We typically sit in a common section but this is not required.


We need good count as soon as possible prior to the game so here's the plan (like last time)

To reserve your tickets, please send a check for $27 (per person) payable to:

RENEW Energy Initiative  (not REI)

Endorse with:For Deposit Only

Send it to:

Attn:  Pawsox 2103 TENT program
Promptus Communications, Inc.
207 Highpoint Avenue
Portsmouth, RI 02871

INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and optionally a phone number.

An email confirmation/receipt will be sent if the email is on the check or in the envelope.

If you need to pay another way, contact Paul Fredette (
cell 401 339 3024) or another REI member and we'll try to arrange something.

Go to GATE B when you arrive and expect someone there with an REI sign to hand out tickets and check the list

Should you decide after July 10th, you can still buy a ticket that night but please let us know if you plan to come.

Game tickets without the Tent Program can be purchase that night but entry to the tent area is not allowed.

All With Free Parking

  • Box Seats ---------$11.00

General Admission

  • Adults------------------ $ 7.00
  • Children-12  & Under --  $ 5.00
  • Senior Citizens---------- $ 5.00


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1. Me, Friday, May 13, 2011, 13:23:

The website looks good. I like the information on the About Energy Page. You might want to fix the typo in the last sentence in this announcement. It says you have worked over 10 renewable energy businesses. I think you meant to say you have worked with over 10 renewable energy businesses. I know you are not beating up businesses!