REI: RENEW Energy Initiative

Guy Natelli

Guy Natelli is President of Natelli Systems, Inc. specializing in software systems development and systems integration for the health, defense and commercial sectors. Mr. Natelli is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology where he earned his Master's degree in Computer Science, and Saint Peter's College where he received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a minor in Physics. He has developed health behavior expert systems which are used internationally and are designed to assist people in improving their lives by changing their habits and living healthier lifestyles. Mr. Natelli has extensive background in the defense industry developing missile launch control systems, guidance system data processing and analysis software, and simulation and gaming software. He has also assisted organizations in the commercialization of their research by assisting with the patent process. Mr. Natelli believes that we must make significant changes in how we treat the environment, especially in how we generate and use energy. The future of our children depends on this.