REI: RENEW Energy Initiative

Richard Lallo

Richard joined REI in 2011 and is a member of the Board of Directors. He has served as Chair of the Training Committee and currently is working on the Marketing Committee. Employed with Colonial Printing, he has been in the commercial printing industry for 35 years. Here he consulted with clients regarding environmentally friendly printing practices and helped further their understanding of FSC( Forest Stewardship Council) certification, assisted with stock selection to maximize recycled content as well as consider Green Power options that allowed the user to show their commitment to improving the environment.

In 2013 Richard received certification from the Global Sustainability Institute of Technology as a Senior Certified Sustainable Professional.Training within this program encompassed EMS & ISO 14001,Carbon Strategies, Green Marketing, Green Purchasing, Green Transportation and Warehousing, Environmental Accounting, Sustainability and Environmental Accounting.

Prior to a career in sales and project management in printing, Richard worked for the Rhode Island Department of Mental Health, Rhode Island Department for Children and Families and the Rhode Island Department of Corrections. With a Masters Degree in Psychology Richard provided services to the Rhode Island Family Court, The Rhode Island Parole board and was a member of a 5 person clinical team with the responsibility of placing disadvantaged, abused and neglected children in Residential treatment facilities and Psychiatric Treatment facilities in New England. He was the chair of committee reviews of the Residential Programs both in and out of state.

Richard’s interest in environmental/ecological issues and alternative energy date back prior to 1981 when he (had) constructed a Solar Home in East Greenwich using a “Flat Plate” dry system that used custom-made roof top collectors to capture heated air which was ducted to and stored in a subfloor rock system. He has done volunteer work for the Blackstone River Watershed council, The Gilbert Stuart Museum, and actively supports PETA, The Humane Society, The Audubon Society and Greenpeace. Education and Continuing Education


ß M.A. Psychology, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI. Murray State University, Murray

ß B.A. Psychology, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

ß Military Service: United States Air Force- Honorable Discharge 1963-1967

ß Certificate: Career Development Assessment (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Brown University

ß Certificate: Career Development, Myers-Briggs & Strong Assessments Workshop Brown

ß Masters in Energy Certificate URI 2011

ß Green Business: Implementing Sustainability Strategies Certificate Metrix2011

ß Introduction to Green Business and Sustainability Certificate Metrix 2011

ß Ergonomics Awareness Certificate Metrix 2011

ß Storm Water Pollution Prevention Certificate Metrix 2011

ß Environmental Regulations Overview Certificate Metrix 2011

ß Green Business: Planning Sustainability Strategies Certificate Metrix 2011



University 2008