REI: RENEW Energy Initiative

Paul H. Fredette


Paul has guided the development of innovative telecommunications products in small and medium size companies through analysis, mentoring and project management.  Has a  broad background in Internet technology, network access (T1/E1, ATM, DSL, ISDN, Frame Relay), hardware and software development, international telephony, encryption, control systems, signal processing, product development and worldwide approvals. Paul was as founding member of  3 RI start-up companies (Avanti Communications, 1979, Promptus Communications, 1989,  and Promptus InfoCrypt, 2003).


•    2001–2011    Promptus Communications, Inc.    Portsmouth, RI
•    2002–2011     Promptus InfoCrypt, Inc.             Portsmouth, RI
Chief Operating Officer  and Chief Technical Officer
•    Currently responsible for all the company’s America operations. Promptus designs, resells and maintains communications solutions using new and legacy products in its portfolio.  See for more details.  Also a trained Polycom® solution provider.
•    Purchased and reformed the US and Australia operations companies of DICA Technologies, Inc.
•    Managed operations through two rounds of financing leading to a spin off company in Videoconferencing Encryption called Promptus InfoCrypt, Inc. InfoCrypt sells and services the HotLink-IP™ and Babylon™ family of IP and ISDN encryption and encryptor management systems.
1989–2000    DICA Technologies AG,    Portsmouth, RI
Vice President and Chief Technical Officer
•    One of two founders of the company previously called Promptus Communications, Inc. Member of the Board of Directors.
•    Created the joint USA/Germany product development plan and led the development team for the ISDN encryption product line following a merger with DataTelemark to form DICA Technologies.
•    Formulated the design for the BONDING Consortium specification on inverse multiplexing.  Chaired the technical committee and participated in the development of the joint interoperability test plan.  Authored an article on Inverse Multiplexing for IEEE Communications Magazine.
•    Founding and technical contributor of the MVIP telephony bus group. 
•    Architect of the OASIS product line of ISDN/T1/E1 switches, multiplexers, inverse multiplexers and terminal adapters.
•    Led the design of ISDN Primary(T1/E1) and Basic Rate modules for PCs used in videoconferencing and telephony applications. This product was very successful and led to the company selling the product line as a separate business.
•    Managed the regulatory approval process for the company's products currently in use in over 40 countries.  BABT Approvals Liaison Engineer.
•    Attended ISO 9000 Lead Auditor's course
1979–1989    Avanti Communications, Inc.    Newport, RI
Chief Technical Officer , Vice President of Engineering
•    Joined the company in its early start up phase, built an engineering department and developed networking products starting with high speed line drivers, modems, and a software configured time division multiplexer family.
•    Architected and brought to market a self-healing private T1 network switching system called the Open Network Exchange (ONX).
•    Contributing member to the ANSI standards committee that developed the T1.403 standard for T1 in the USA.
1971–1979    Naval Underwater Systems Center  Newport, RI
Electrical Engineer
•    Computer simulation and graphical display design for underwater weapon control systems.
•    Developed a real time digital simulation of the Mark 48 torpedo.
•    Awarded a full time/full salary scholarship for completing a graduate degree at MIT. 
•    Contributed to the implementation of a FORTRAN compiler for the UYK-7 computer.      
1970    Bell Laboratories.    Holmdel, NJ
Computer Systems Analyst
•    Summer employee working in the machine aids development group responsible for printed circuit routing algorithms, IC mask generation, graphics libraries and data base design.


1974-1975      Massachusetts Institute of Technology     Cambridge, MA
•    MSEE, Control and communication systems group (Currently LIDS)
•    Thesis professor:  Dr. Alan Willsky.
•    Graduated with all A's.
•    Elected to Sigma Xi and active member
1968–1971     University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth    Dartmouth, MA
•    BSEE
•    Graduated with the highest GPA in the Engineering College.


Co-inventor of a patent (applied for) on secure email gateway operation


Sailing, astronomy and navigation. Mathematics and Science history with emphasis on control theory and signal processing.