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Eric Ross


Eric Ross is the Chief Operating Officer of New England Renewable Energy Systems / Mercury Mechanical Services, a Massachusetts-based renewable energy and HVAC systems installer and service company.  Previously, he served as Vice President and General Manager, TeraTorq® Systems at Comprehensive Power Inc., also of Massachusetts.  Eric is a highly innovative and results-focused industrial operations executive and general manager with a remarkable history of growing organizational profits.  He builds operational excellence, applies a comprehensive set of management and process improvement tools, and leverages out-of-the-box thinking.  Eric has a rich background, spanning a range of industries and companies varying in size from early stage start-up companies to over $1 billion in annual sales.  In his various roles, he has dramatically increased business efficiency and effectiveness, increasing margins and matching operational capacity to sales growth in dynamic companies.  Most of his recent experience has been in renewable/alternative energy systems and services industries and in manufacturing of complex industrial equipment.

Since completing military service in the USAF in the rank of major, Eric has held several vice president positions in manufacturing and C-level roles with service companies.  In one position, he enabled a 24% output growth and an increase in profit by over 34% — via a 10-month improvement cycle — delivering the firm its “best year, ever.”  In another, he simultaneously turned around two operational divisions experiencing loss, achieving profit levels of 22% and 13% at these divisions in less than a year.  In a third role, he reduced operating costs by more than $124 million over a 3½-year period.

Eric's last position before joining Comprehensive Power was Vice President of Operations and Engineering with EarthSource Energy Solutions, a manufacturer of renewable energy / reduced energy use systems.  Prior to joining EarthSource, he helped a service company’s transition into a green and renewable energy systems provider and launched a geothermal exchange heating and cooling business for the company.   Eric holds a B.S. and an M.S., both in engineering, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the State University of New York, respectively.


Capabillities and Interest Areas

Renewable energy: geothermal exchange, solar photovoltaic, solar heating, wind energy, fuel cells, synergy between systems, green practices, system planning, system installation, strategic planning, operations management, site assessment, supply management, customer satisfaction, managing change

Manufacturing/industrial: operations management, production management, quality management, continuous improvement, Lean practices, Six Sigma methods, operational excellence, value stream optimization, strategic planning, strategy deployment, production, fabrication, complex assembly, customized products, process engineering, re-engineering, re-manufacturing, supply chain management, purchasing/procurement, outsourcing, value chain integration, enterprise integration, planning and scheduling, cycle time reduction, quality excellence, process flow, root cause analysis, managing change, complex project leadership, agile manufacturing


Key Strengths

  • Quick results: rapidly identifies needs and opportunities; diagnoses underlying conditions; brings order out of chaos, achieves significant near-term payoff
  • Capability breadth: uncovers and solves/realizes people, process, and system problems and/or opportunities
  • Continuous improvement: continually grows performance excellence, increasing both competitiveness and profitability
  • Flexible/adaptable: track record of success in a broad range of company types, industries, organizational sizes, and situations/environments


Additional Information

Eric's detailed profile is available on LinkedIn at