REI: RENEW Energy Initiative



Welcome to the RENEW Energy Initiative.

The RENEW Energy Initiative is a non-profit business association driven to promote the expansion of alternative energy and energy-efficiency in organizations throughout New England. As a nexus to information, people, capital and other resources REI seeks to increase the energy IQ of business people to boost efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and increase corporate competitiveness. Primary service delivery is through a series of member networking events and formal training programs.

REI has launched a partnership with ReNewable Now, which includes a Web Based Broadcast Channel to dissiminate educational articles, interviews with industry leaders and other information about energy related matters. Please visit the site, attend our events, share your experiences, suggest topics for training and become a member as we work to build our community.

Our Mission

The mission of RENEW Energy Initiative is to promote the growth of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency in the Northeast region of the United States, with links globally.

Hoover Dam
(picture: The Hydroelectric Generators at the Hoover Dam. Picture Courtesy of Jon Sullivan)